Community Mennonite Fellowship



There are a variety of other ways to connect with others at Community Mennonite Fellowship. These include family focused activities, women's and men's groups and retreats, church retreats, and family camping. Service and Mission trips have been important

to the life of CMF for many years. 



As our youth have grown into young adults, they have continued to organize their own worship and social activities. 

Led by our youth worker, their are a variety of ways for youth to participate in the life of our church. Junior youth and senior youth meet every other Wednesday for FIZZ, an evening of fun, music, and study. On alternate weeks, the senior youth meet for a more focused bible study.

Recreational and social activites are organized for both groups on a regularly. 




Sunday morning is a time of worship for our entire church community. We gather in the sanctuary to sing, listen, share, and learn.   

Christian education on Sunday morning is important to us. We meet at 9:45 a.m., linger over coffee and settle in for Sunday School at 10.
We have options for all age groups. Children and youth participate in their own age specific classes where fun and learning are combined. Adult visitors are welcome to join us as we share coffee and conversation while studying the Bible, working through a book study, or watching teaching videos. If you pop in on a morning when there is an inter-generational Sunday event going on, join in. 
The Bible is at the core of our explorations. We have a lot of fun exploring unconventional ways at getting big truths to stick in young and old minds. We are a church that encourages learning through play and laughter.


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