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    January 7

    CMF Info   

    • Daily Bread devotionals are on the foyer table. 
    • Financial Update – We thank God for your faithful and generous giving in 2017.  Revenue was over $159,000!
    • Comforter Knotting Day Tuesday, January 9th, starting at 9 am. Roll Call – Hopes, plans or resolutions for 2018.
    • Elders Meeting Tuesday, January 9 at 7 pm.
    • Church Council meets Tuesday, January 16 at 7:30 pm.
    • 2018 Pledge Sheets are in your mailbox and were also sent out by email.  Please return them to the brown box on the foyer table or email to Lois @ Deadline is Sunday, Jan. 14.


    Youth & Young Adult Announcements

    • FIZZ will resume Wednesday, January 10.
    • Hockey Night at the Drayton Arena Saturday, Jan. 13, 9 to 10:30 pm.
    • Ray of Hope evening in Kitchener, Friday, January 19. Meet at the church. Departure time still to be determined. 

    Other Announcements

    • Floradale Mennonite Church is hosting a fundraiser dinner and concert  in support of MennoHomes, Sat. Jan. 27.  Dinner at 5:30 pm followed by a Rescue Junction concert at 7 p.m. Anyone can attend the concert for a freewill donation at the concert. Tickets available from Dan Driedger.
    • Drayton Area Seniors Center for Excellence January calendar is on the foyer table. Help yourself.
    • Seniors Centre for Excellence Congregate Dining Programs Friday, January 12, 12 noon at Drayton Reformed Church.  Join Tonia-Joy Skipper as she provides a musical afternoon of your favourite songs and hymns. If you plan to come for lunch register at 638-1000. Tonia’s presentation will begin at 12:30. Poster on bulletin board. For the winter months if the buses in North Wellington don’t run our programs are cancelled.
    • Rockway Mennonite Grade 9 Night Tuesday, January 16. Poster on bb.
    • Fairview & Parkwood Mennonite Home Retirement Celebration for Tim Kennel, January 17 and 18. Poster on bulletin board with additional info. 


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